About us

The European Center for Social Finance was created to help establish best practices and distribute knowledge in financing the provision of social services and social innovations. It works at the intersection of theory, practice and policy and views social finance as a process which encompasses among others selection criteria, financing structures and impact assessment. The Center is based at the Munich Business School and works with a network of partner organizations across Europe.

  • Technical Assistance

    The European Center for Social Finance is providing technical assistance to social enterprise finance providers on behalf of the European Commission.

  • Research: Studies and Reports

    Our research is based on academic quality standards providing insights to intermediaries and institutions. We have worked for European and international institutions, national ministries, foundations and investment funds among others.

  • Projects

    We contributed to various projects funded by the OECD, EEA and Norway Grants or the European Commission.

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  • StayOn: a community-based and driven project

    StayOn's ultimate objective is to create conditions that enable young people to "stay on" rural areas by ensuring access to opportunities, benefits, services, and jobs.

  • Beyond Capital: the next generation of social enterprises

    Beyond Capital aims to lower the failure risk of newly founded social economy enterprises, the economy that works for people.

  • Adewale Olowode Olushola

    Youth employment

    Quantitative methods

    Social policies

  • Barbara Scheck

    Impact Management and Measurement

    Investment strategies

  • Clémentine Blazy

    Solidarity finance and working with investees

    Investment strategies

  • Giulia Parola

    Impact measurement

    Research strategies in European projects

  • Mine Tülü

    Impact measurement

    Youth employment

  • Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl

    Financing instruments and strategies

    New technologies for the creation of social impact

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